Science and Technology Alliance for the Belt and Road Initiative organizes delegation for polar power

Under the invitation of EDC and NPD from Thailand and Cambodia.

Delegation members Mrs.Liu Juan, Mr.Ma YouQing from STABRI joint Together with overseas staffs of Power China, Also representatives of Science and Technology Alliance for the Belt and Road Initiative Thailand Liaison office. Mr. Kalan Intawong and Mr. SimonLeck, visited the site of the 1080 MW solar power project in Palin province.

Which is the border of Thailand and Cambodia. The provincial governor Mr. H.E. Sao Sarath very warm welcomed our delegation and was very much delighted of “one belt one road “ initiative. he was looking forward to cooperating with China under the initiative of ‘one belt one road”

10th of May 2017 is an important Buddhist holiday Spring Planting Day, the general from Ministry of Defense Mr. Yuttana Suthamalchan specially came out off the temple to meet us and lunch together. After the deep explanation of “one belt one road” initiative, general was delighted and willing to explore a wide range of cooperation with us under the great initiative of “one belt one road” which is based on mutual benefit.


After Meeting

The projects mentioned as below

  1. Bangkok 16 km expressway project
  2. 2000 hectares industrial park project
  3. Part of railway project along China-Laos-Thailand
  4. Thailand to Cambodia pipeline project
  5. 550 MW Solar power project in Laos
  6. Hydro power project in Laos
  7. Oil tank upgrading project
  8. Sea port construction project
  9. Bridge from sea port to the city project , etc.

11th of May 2017, under the invitation of state oil company, our delegation visited their headquarter. The Chairman Mr. Sajet was excited to know that “one belt one road” initiative is a global beneficial positive big event, meanwhile he was deeply admiring the big view and righteousness of our president Mr. Xi. He was anxious to cooperate with us in energy field.


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